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About CIEC

The Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition is a large and diverse group of Internet users, businesses, non-profit groups, and civil liberties advocates, who share the common goal of protecting the First Amendment and the viability of the Internet as a means of free expression, education, and commerce. CIEC members believe that parents, not the United States Government, are the best and most appropriate judges of what material is appropriate for themselves and their children.

Named Plaintiffs in the CIEC Challenge to the Communications Decency Act

American Library Association
America Online, Inc.
American Booksellers Association
American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
American Society of Newspaper Editors
Apple Computer, Inc.
Association of American Publishers
Association of Publishers, Editors and Writers
Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
Commercial Internet eXchange
Compuserve, Inc.
Families Against Internet Censorship
Freedom to Read Foundation
HotWired Ventures Ltd.
Interactive Digital Software Association
Interactive Services Association
Magazine Publishers of America, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Network
NETCOM On-Line Communication Services, Inc.
Newspaper Association of America
Prodigy, Inc.
Society of Professional Journalists
Wired Ventures Ltd.

Members of the Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition

Association of American University Presses, Inc.
Association of National Advertisers
Association of Research Libraries
Center for Democracy and Technology
Coalition for Networked Information
Media Access Project
Media Institute
Microsystems Software, Inc.
National Assoc. of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges
National Newspaper Association
People for the American Way
Recording Industry Association of America
Software Publishers Association
Special Libraries Association
Surfwatch Software, Inc.
University of California Santa Barbara Library
Voters Telecommunications Watch
And You!

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